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fiber for heart health

Coronary heart disease (CHD) is one cause of death in the world, including Indonesia. Increasing the number of deaths is influenced by changes in lifestyle. High-fiber diet helps prevent the deadly attacks.

Everyone is afraid of having a heart attack that could end in sudden death. Citing a report, in a seminar about the heart, Dr. Idris Idham, Sp.JP, FESC, said that more than one million people in the United States have heart attacks each year.

Half of them suffered death in the first hours after the attack. The other half managed to reach the hospital to get help and was treated in the Intensive Coronary Care Unit (ICCU) or also called Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit (Cardio Vascular Care Unit).

The mortality rate of patients admitted to hospital could reach about 15 percent, usually due to death (necrose) extensive heart muscle. Approximately 425 000 patients admitted to leaving the hospital, but approximately 10 percent (42 000 persons) of that amount has died after a year later.

According to Dr. Idris, a heart attack occurs when there is death of heart muscle caused by interruption of blood supply to the heart muscle. The incident was caused by blockage of one or more coronary arteries by blood clots. This blood clot called a thrombus. Coronary artery blockage caused another heart muscles do not get a blood supply with all the nutrients present in it, such as glucose, vitamins, and minerals, hormones and electrolytes such as sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium.

Even so, you need not worry. To reduce the risk of disruption at the top, efforts can be made. The point is to always keep blood cholesterol levels can be a source of blockage of the coronary arteries, not high. Apart from using vitamin B3 (niacin), C and E, the effort can also be performed with high-fiber diet.

Fiber Benefits
First fiber is considered as The Forgotten nutrient because its function is unclear. However, as one component of food, fiber is now known to have an important role in maintaining health.

Fiber consists of two types, namely soluble and insoluble fiber. Soluble fiber can not be digested by digestive enzymes, but soluble in hot water. Soluble fiber is what makes the stomach full longer and provide energy longer and also beneficial in lowering blood cholesterol levels. Commonly found in fruits and vegetables, especially serelia such as oats.

Insoluble fiber can not be digested and does not dissolve in hot water. Although can not be digested, says DR. Ali Khomsan, fibers have metabolic functions of essential nutrients. In the digestive tract, fiber helps food juice fermentation process. Fiber is beneficial to prevent constipation and is gentle to avoid the risk of colon and stomach cancer. This fiber contained in vegetables such as asparagus, peas, and serelia like oats.

Because it is not digested, fiber into the colon (large intestine) in one piece. Fiber reaches the colon in large volumes and require big place, causing a feeling of satiety. Therefore, the presence of fibers in the stomach and digestive tract will reduce the desire for someone to eat more, thereby preventing the occurrence of obesity risk.

According to Dr. Lanny Lestiani, Sp.G (K), MSc., A nutritionist from the Department of Nutritional Sciences Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia (Faculty of medicine), high-fiber diet helps lower cholesterol in the blood. Fibers useful in holding water and the viscosity in the digestive tract, will be converted into a gel in the intestine. The aim is to hold water so that people do not easily hungry.

Cooking Vegetables
DR. Ali Khomsan added fiber sources like vegetables and fruits easily be found in the daily menu. Vegetables can be consumed in raw form or after processing by boiling. Even so, the results of a student of Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), Rahayu, 1990, showed that dietary fiber in cooked vegetables actually increased compared with raw vegetables.

How could it be? The process of cooking it would eliminate some nutrients. In addition, the cooking process also causes a reaction in pencokelatan counted as a nutrient analysis of dietary fiber. This is what causes the cooked vegetables had a higher fiber content. In his research, Rahayu found that vegetables are boiled with water to produce the highest dietary fiber content (6.40 percent), steamed (6.24 percent), cooked with coconut milk (5.98 percent), and raw (5.97 percent).

In general, the fiber content reaches 32 percent in vegetables, fruits, 38 percent, wheat 32 percent and 25 percent peanuts. Said Dr. Lanny, the need for an Indonesian fiber is 10-14 gr/1.000 calories.

Oat Fibre
It is undeniable, Indonesia is now flooded with oat products, often called oatmeal, signed in serelia family. Compared to each 100 gram of rice contains 0.1 grams of soluble fiber and wheat, which is only 2.2 grams, per 100 grams of oat soluble fiber containing 5.1 grams. High in fiber makes oats deserve to be used as a choice for high-fiber diet.

As an illustration, a soluble fiber in the body can bind cholesterol and remove it from the body. Roles that can lower cholesterol levels in the blood, to reduce the risk of CHD. People who are obese can also combine oats with low cholesterol and fatty foods. Oats can be used in the form of oatmeal, biscuits, and bread.

How do oats reduce cholesterol levels in the blood? Here are brief descriptions:

1. In the liver, cholesterol is converted into bile acids, and then released into the small intestine to help digest fats from food consumed.

2. When mengasup oatmeal, oat soluble fiber in the intestine to form gels that bind fat, cholesterol, and bile acids.

3. Because bound by soluble oat fiber in the form of gels, some bile acids can not be absorbed back through the wall of the intestine, bile acids and then excreted through the large intestine, so that bile acids in the liver is reduced.

4. To replace the lost bile acids, the liver will pull cholesterol from the blood to produce bile acids.

5th. As a result, total blood cholesterol level will decrease.

6. With decreasing levels of blood cholesterol, the risk of CHD can be prevented.

liver or heart

The heart is the sole organ in the body that most large and complex. With a weight of about 2 kg, the liver has an important task is complicated by the continuity of all functions of the body. These functions are grouped into three categories:

1. Regulation
Liver function regulate blood composition, particularly the amount of sugar, protein, and fat entering the blood circulation. The liver also remove bilirubin from the blood to be excreted in the feces.

2. Metabolism
Almost all nutrients are absorbed through the gut processed in the liver. Moreover, to change the substance of food into a form that can be used by the body, the liver also functions as a storage of other nutrients, like vitamin A. Also produced in the liver of cholesterol, blood clots, as well as specific proteins and bile.

3. Detoxification
Be an organ that detoxifies blood. Liver separate drugs and chemicals or metabolites that potentially damaging of the blood flow and change, so can be issued to the bile and eventually through feces.

obesity vs vegetable and your body (2)

Gado-gado or salad
You can put whatever vegetables you like into the salad, like lettuce, tomatoes, corn, peppers, carrots, onions and others. Besides vegetables,

Why is it necessary to eat vegetables?
There are three processes that occur in the body, namely combustion (power), construction (growth) and settings. To get the energy, the body requires carbohydrate, fat and protein. Meanwhile, to grow and develop necessary protein and water. And to arrange for all these processes occur must have vitamins and minerals derived from vegetables and fruits. "That is why the vegetables are very important for the body, because there are certain substances that can only be obtained through the vegetables. The meat also contained vitamins and minerals, but the number was only a little," says Leane.

Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits is also an ideal way to lose weight naturally. Besides low calories and low in fat, fiber in vegetables can satiate the stomach. Vegetables also make work a better intestinal peristalsis, thereby facilitating defecation.

Serve with a draw
How interesting presentation and processing can help you get rid of a sense of reluctance to eat vegetables. No need to consume a raw vegetable or put a whole pile of vegetables in your dinner plate. Try to make it more delicious cooked into soups, pizza, pie or lasagna. With cut into smaller sizes or mixed with other foodstuffs, vegetables will be more nice views. Moreover, when eating soup, you will not feel the flavor and aroma of each vegetable. Or as in pastel or lasagna, you do not have to look straight vegetable because the dough is wrapped closed.

Allow plus fruit
A lot of nutrition in the vegetables was also found in fruit. So you could replace the nutritional deficiencies of these vegetables with fruits. But that does not mean avoiding vegetables altogether. There are nutrients and compounds in vegetables that can not be easily obtained elsewhere. "The fruit contains more vitamins, but less fiber and minerals," says Leane. But you could combine fruits with vegetables. Drink a glass of juice in the morning and another one in the afternoon or evening can be a sizable business. But because the number of fibers lost in the processing of juice, so not a good idea if only rely on juice alone. And do not forget, pay attention to the variations in type and color of the fruit that you eat. Each type and color has its own advantages.

why smoke harm your health

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cholesterol meat fat

One's diet affects cholesterol levels in the blood. Talk about your diet, amount and type of fat consumed did influence the size of our risk of heart disease.

Foods that contain saturated fats, either from animal meat and coconut oil, both of which will increase levels of cholesterol can cause fatty, especially in the heart. This is the forerunner of heart disease.

obesity vs vegetable and your body (1)

If you include people who are not anti-vegetable, be grateful! Various studies prove that vegetables contain potent compounds that can increase endurance tubu, protecting you from disease and 'fight' obesity. Furthermore, phytochemicals, substances found only in vegetables and fruits, potent menurunkankan risk of chronic diseases and cancer.

Habits of eating vegetables does not come naturally to everyone. Moreover, as revealed by dr. Leane Manurung, MSc, nutritionist doctor, the original flavor of vegetables is not as good as meat, "If not cooked with spices or sauce are delicious, the taste of vegetables is less lucrative," he said. In addition, many people who do not like to eat vegetables because it is not accustomed to childhood. "Most children who do not like to eat vegetables is the mother worked or not painstaking 'serve' his son," says Leane. Researchers from the National Cancer Institute, U.S., and even found that only 20% of children who ate fruits and vegetables in sufficient portion of each day. And 25% of the kind of vegetables are eaten by them are french fries If you include people who are lazy or even less likely to eat vegetables, maybe a little trick can help you to meet the needs of the intake of vegetables each day. Nothing wrong, right, try!

Find what you like
Luckily we live in a tropical country that is rich in various plants. Yes, you can easily find the type of vegetables are preferred. To get it you need to arouse curiosity and your adventurous spirit. And most important is the willingness to experiment. Included will experiment processing methods. Because vegetables are processed by boiling, pan-fried, cooked in a microwave or eaten raw will give a different taste and texture. How to cultivate the right equipment must be considered. For example, the vegetables should be cooked in quick time, as you often see in Chinese food restaurants. "If cooked quickly, the color will remain green vegetables. Moreover, if too long, contain vitamins and minerals will be reduced," said Leane.

healthy diets and healthy food

Healthy food and the Right not only includes the selection of healthy foods, but also consume them at the right time.

For your body and your mind get sufficient intake, here are some tips that can help you, Healthy Foods consumed at the right time.